About Us

Our Mission

To support the healing and empowerment of young girls in York County that have experienced the death of a mother.

When Michele Horne was seven years old, her mother died on Christmas Eve from leukemia. Michele grew up in an environment where her mother was not talked about, and her father just “moved on.” It was only after graduating from college and having two children of her own that she discovered the book “Motherless Daughters” by Hope Edelman. It was the most impactful book she has ever read, as it led her to realize so much about her own family’s dynamics, her personality, parenting methods, etc. and the book helped her make the decision to found Peggy's Place. She hopes this organization will help girls with similar stories to heal, feel empowered and supported.

Our Founder

Michele Horne has worked as a domestic violence children’s counselor, an early interventionist, and a public school teacher. Through reflecting on the loss of her own mother and the efforts of an exceptional therapist, she decided to turn “I wish I could…” into “I am going to…”


Each member of our team shares our belief that every motherless daughter deserves tools, resources, and support in order to heal.
Meet our board members.

Leslie Kellogg
Vice President
Judy Gardner
Lisa Rutledge

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