Why Join Peggy's Place?

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First of all, you will become a member of a community that understands the unique challenges and complex feelings that you are facing as a girl whose mother has died. Nobody else “gets it” like someone who has gone through something similar. Your friends either can’t or don’t want to talk about a mother dying. After all, if they face the fact that yours did, they have to think about the fact that it could happen to them, too. At Peggy’s Place, you won’t be the odd one out. You will be surrounded by the love and support of other people who are in your shoes.

You can ask for a mentor, who will be an adult whose mother died when she was a child. Your mentor will be there for you to always have someone to talk to about the things that other people either don’t understand or don’t want to talk about. You will have your own personal cheerleader. Your mentor can’t fix everything, but she can listen and help you make good decisions. And your mentor can be there for those milestones you thought your mom would be by your side-prom, graduation, etc.

If you feel like you would like to talk to a therapist or counselor, Peggy’s Place will be able to refer you to one and pay for a few sessions. And this counseling can come whenever you feel like you need it. Some of us didn’t see a therapist until forty years after our mother died! And, guess what? It was still super helpful for making sense of why we made some decisions we have along our path.

We also plan to have support group meetings and “no agenda” social activities so that you can just be around other girls your age and in your situation. While being a motherless daughter is not a club any of us asked for membership in, we’re in it. And, it turns out, we are some pretty great people, and we want you to be a part of a group that is just for you.

By completing the client application, you can let us know which of our services you feel comfortable participating in, and you can always add to or subtract from what you thought you would want to do. We just know from first hand experience how hard life without your mom is. And we want to give you a place that helps you however we can make it through this.


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