What is a Mentor?

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According to mentoring.org, young adults who were at-risk for falling off track but had a mentor are:

55% more likely to enroll in college.

78% more likely to volunteer regularly.

90% are interested in becoming a mentor.

130% more likely to hold leadership positions.

These statistics show the impact that any type of mentoring program can have on a young person’s life.


Our program is uniquely targeted, however, to girls/young women who have experienced mother loss. I’m sure that most, if not all, of us who are adult motherless daughters can imagine how having an adult mentor who had also experienced the loss of her mother might have made our path a little less rocky.


We believe that adult motherless daughters can provide a type of mentoring that traditional mentoring programs cannot-someone who has made the journey these girls are just beginning and have come out the other side. We understand the grief (that is a dynamic creature of its own), the self-doubt, the self-consciousness of being “the girl whose mom died,” the loss of our greatest cheerleader and critic…these girls need someone with whom they can talk about their mothers, as often this conversation gets suppressed, whether it is by overt action by their surviving family members, or from a sense of not wanting to upset anyone by talking about it.


Mentors can be an outlet that these girls need, as well as a helpful guiding force as they grow and make the decisions needed to become fully actualized women. After all, if we somehow made it through this terrible tragedy, don’t we want to help others avoid the difficulties we faced?


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