What We Do


At Peggy’s Place, we believe that our mentoring program is the most important part of our work. Each mentor is an adult whose mother died prior to the mentor being 21. We all remember being  “the girl whose mom died” at school. We have experienced milestones where we missed our moms. We work to make compatible matches with our mentees, and all of our mentors have passed an FBI background check. It is our hope that these mentoring relationships will last for many years and we have not imposed any artificial time constraint on them.

Support Groups

Every mentor and board member know from personal experience how isolating an event a mother’s death can be. Support group meetings are an excellent way for our clients to feel more connected and build a network of others who understand her.


Peggy’s Place has worked to secure agreements with various counselors and therapists in our area to provide 3-5 counseling sessions at no cost to the girl’s family. Not every girl will require or want therapy, but it is an option-at any time she is a client of Peggy’s Place.

Social Events

Grief is a quite serious and weighty part of life. Peggy’s Place plans social events with no agenda other than to have fun. We welcome anyone wanting to sponsor an outing to reach out to us on our “contact us” page.

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